Sitemap - 2023 - The Future of Everything

The difference between enemies and adversaries and why nobody is coming to save us

Journalism is broken

Why a minority-Labor government is Peter Dutton's best path back to power

Is the ABC still in the journalism business?

Whatever Labor think they are doing, it's not working

To combat mis/information we must change how we think about politics

The resistible rise of the right-wing puppet masters

Can someone please just say out loud that the Liberal Party is no longer fit to govern?

Race and class and race and yes and no

The era of pretending the media is acting as a fourth estate has ended

Being Borged by Artificial Intelligence

A quick word about Daniel Andrews

The challenge of disagreeing better

Wasting away in Albaneseville

The tragedy of the digital commons

Kitchen confidential

Laundering Peter Dutton in the Kitchen Cabinet

The crisis of community is trying to heal itself

The Liberal Party doesn't need a majority to inflict damage on our democracy

Labor will destroy the planet in a much more loving and grown-up way

George Orwell and his wife Eileen wrote Animal Farm together in bed

Now I Am Become Musk, Destroyer of Platforms

Interview with Dr Sophie Scamps

Who do you trust?

The dark, double-thinking heart of Labor’s neoliberalism

What #robodebt tells us about collusion between politicians and the media

Whither Australian Conservatives?

Media coverage of male violence against women is deficient

Dancing with Berejiklian

Australian oligarchy

Rusted ons never sleep

The citizens' assembly on housing

Rethinking and rebuilding democratic engagement from the ground up

The Liberal Party-News Corp Axis of Awful

Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey

A little experiment with AI search

What comes after social media?

The two-party system is girding its loins against democratic challengers

Stan and deliver

From #Scomo to #Slowmo

The heart and the head of the Voice to Parliament

Time to rethink the small target

Labor's first year in power

Dying of Strangeness

Tap, tap

The Liberal Party is falling down, falling down

Try Notes, the new short-form site just launched by Substack

It's not about the Liberal Party

Book Launch and Interview with Margaret Simons: Voices of Us

For Australian media, the centre cannot hold

Surf and terf

Beating Keating

The #RoboDebt Royal Commissioner thanks social media

Two cheers for Australian democracy

Robodebt was both a crime and a preventable disaster

How the Reserve Bank is undermining democracy

Category errors about ChatGPT and other information platforms

Working for the platform every night and day


Civility and the status quo

Humans are perfectly capable of doing bad journalism without the help of artificial intelligence

A No-vote in the Voice referendum will destroy Dutton's chance of winning the next election

The elevated middle