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Assassination coordinates

2022: The year of voting independently

Morrison dancing

"That's called journalism"

Two examples of how traditional media show contempt for their audience

Journalism and the end of information scarcity

The NDIS is an investment in a decent society, not a "burden" on the Budget

Anger, denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance, Mastodon...Twitter?

Twitter on Mars

How business-as-usual journalism undermines democracy

Building a resilient crossbench

Voices of Us

Does democracy really require an opposition party?

Twitter is a workspace

It's just a jump to the right

Extremism always comes wrapped in centrism

Coverage of Elizabeth's death is not journalism and it is not meant to be

Elizabeth R

Activism after hope

Dan and Dom

Sneak peek for subscribers

Answering Waleed Aly's concerns about an inquiry into Scott Morrison

The real plague on Australian democracy is insider journalism

Morrison was the slippery slope

Promises, promises

Behind the Greens' door

The path to neoliberalism

Australian conservatives are attempting to ramp up the culture wars

Albanese's Wager

So much depends upon a teal wheelbarrow

Roe v Wade and Australia

Understanding the manosphere

I'm writing a book

Relearning democracy

A lovely day in the neighbourhood

Voices of Mackellar: talk given at Newport RSL, 24 March 2021

Australian democracy? We fixed it

Disagreeing better

Death of a Salesman?

Zali Steggall and the reinvention of grassroots conservatism

Building an electoral majority one voter at a time

Politeness and power in an era of social media

Medicare, aged care, childcare, Labor cares

Recognising Australian oligarchy

These futures are not inevitable

What do audiences get wrong about journalism?

"If the gaffe doesn't matter, we don't matter"

Dear subscribers

The Reset Landed with a Thud

The coming election

Time to think carefully about what media you support

The Greens' Liveable Income Guarantee

Holding someone to account is not the same thing as "just reporting"

After the next election, if we have a hung parliament, the independents could return Scott Morrison as prime minister

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

The end of government as we know it

Is Bevan Shields' acknowledgement of error too little too late?

Outside In: An interview with Dr Ingrid Matthews

Our Potemkin Prime Minister

What is happening at The Sydney Morning Herald?

Why calling a 'lockout' a 'strike' is really bad journalism

Talking our way to social order

"Intimate publics" and the trade-off between individual rights and collective responsibility

Politeness as coercion

The New Front Page

Really real realism

Destroying the village in order to save it

Being wedged is a choice

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